Become Disaster Proof with DRBD Proxy

DRBD Proxy compliments the already successful DRBD software with its enhanced replication capabilities that enable organizations to replicate their data offsite without proprietary storage mediums or leased lines.

Whether it be natural or man made, no disaster is too large to overcome with DRBD Proxy.  Your services and applications can be migrated from New York to Shanghai in a matter of seconds, enabling your organization to flourish in the face of utter catastrophe.

Cross-Site High-Availability / Disaster Recovery

With DRBD Proxy, your organization can take advantage of self-healing fault tolerant response mechanisms designed to keep your applications running, and your data accessible.  Spread your IT resources over a diverse geographical location, removing your reliance upon a specific regional data center; thus making your data and applications always available.


Say Goodbye to Distance and Bandwidth Limitations

DRBD Proxy overcomes infrastructure limitations. It has been deployed in a variety of high-latency low-bandwidth environments with outstanding success. 


DRBD Proxy in Action


Some of LINBIT internal applications "follow the sun" by transitioning to a different time-zone depending on the hour of the day.  LINBIT makes these common applications available to local users providing low latency access, simplified application management, and organizational flexibility in the face of disaster.  Additionally, Employees can continue working via remote access to the alternate site(s) in the case of local equipment malfunction.  All of this is possible, with DRBD and DRBD Proxy.